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ProfileI have been writing about food since graduating as a journalist in 2005 in Brisbane, Australia. I have always worked with food including as a food reporter and restaurant reviewer in London, as a publicist for a number of high-profile food brands in Australia – including the country’s biggest supermarket – and as co-founder of Melbourne’s ABC Dinning Club.

I love food, talking about it, writing about it and, of course, eating it! I also have a food blog here where you can find recipes and a different perspective on all things the food industry.

En guete xx

Damian SchallerBorn and raised in the Basel area, in 2005 I fulfilled my lifelong ambition to work and live in Australia. As marketing manager for Canon Professional Print I love creating photos and videos and enjoy writing articles for various publications. I met my wife in 2009 and together we started exploring the amazing food scene of Melbourne. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Swiss Club of Victoria I managed social media and marketing activities of the Swiss Club restaurant in the Melbourne CBD as well the Swiss Festival, Australia’s largest festival about Switzerland.

In 2014 we decided to move back to Switzerland and have since become parents to our lovely baby daughter Matilda in January this year.

In my spare time I play trombone in the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic Reinach.



  1. Hi,

    Very interesting blog! I like food and speaking of it, I like Basel…and I like Swiss subjects! Sometimes especially if they are written in English rather than in the “difficult to digest” Schwizzer Dütsch!!

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