Celebrating with style and Grace

Dinner at GraceOur anniversary fell on a Monday night this year, which meant many restaurants we wanted to go to were closed. We were particularly looking for a good place to go over the border in France as we honeymooned in the South of France and had made a pact to always have French food on our anniversary. However, not only were the restaurants over the border closed, but Basel restaurants serving French food were also closed on a Monday night, FYI!

I left the planning of this night a little too late and spent the day searching for somewhere nice to go when my husband suggested we try Grace, a restaurant we had passed many times with the idea to go, but always forgotten about when it came to dinner time.

DecorIt was opened on a Monday night and it was beautiful. This huge restaurant and lounge is spread out over two floors with the second floor a mezzanine-style balcony overlooking a spacious downstairs seating area and bar.

Grace is elegant and chic – this is a restaurant for grown-ups. But even so, it was still friendly enough for us to be able to have our six month old daughter join us at the bar and the table.

The lambMy husband told the staff that is was our anniversary when we arrived. To our surprise, when we were directed to our table, the waitress had decorated it with candles and ornaments to mark the occasion.

Wine list? Extensive. Menu? There is not a lot on offer and the menu is definitely skewed to red meat lovers, but it’s simplicity also screams quality.

Bite-sized info


Swiss modern kitchen. Perfect steaks. You can also make your own tartar.


A green salad or soup to start will set you back CHF 9. Steaks start at CHF 39 with other mains including chicken starting at CHF 26. You could walk away from Grace having easily spent CHF 100 per person for a starter, main, dessert and wine. However, if you are watching the pennies you could also easily keep your meal under CHF 50.

Good for…

An elegant, intimate dinner for two (or three!). And an anniversary dinner of course.

Not good for…

An eat and run. You’ve got to take your time here. Enjoy a drink at the bar, get in the mood and relax over dinner in this elegant setting.

What to wear

Keep it stylish and graceful…


Elisabethenstrasse 33 – 4051 Basel


IMG_0876Grace also hosts live music during the week (think after work drinks) and has a Christmas and New Year menu on offer. See more here. And lastly, do not leave without having dessert!


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  1. Congratulations for the good choice and pieces of advice! If the waiter was nice and thoughtful, this is the best plus for a reataurant! And all the best for your anniversary!


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