Aussie comic at Mr Pickwick

Alex LCWhat happens when you move to the Middle East to further pursue your career as a foreign correspondent?

For Alex, you become a comedian because frankly, real life is way more entertaining than the afternoon stock report.

After spending two years as a correspondent living in New York covering the foreign business markets, Alex moved to Egypt where he continued working as a correspondent for the Australian media but somehow managed to also carve out a comedy career.

I guess you could say living life as an expat has caught up with Alex and it makes for some hilariously relate-able anecdotes.

As an expat in Basel, I’ve had to laugh at loud about more than one situation I’ve found myself in – or the amount of times I’ve found myself lost in translation.

Can you relate? Come and see Alex’s take on life as an expat this Thursday at Mr Pickwick Pub in Basel.


Mr Pickwick Pub, Steinenvorstadt 13, 4051 Basel


Thursday, July 23

How much?

Free! Yes, this is not a typo. Free laughs.

Alex Liddington-CoxMore about Alex

Alex LC is a stand up comic from Melbourne, Australia. His greatest strengths in his early stand up career as a schoolboy were arrogance and plagiarism. As a professional journalist, his appearance on radio and TV drew the occasional raw smile, but nothing special. Years later, a sold-out show in Egypt taught him one thing. “I should’ve made fun of Egyptians. They’re ridiculous.”

Alex learned his craft watching his heroes in New York’s famed Comedy Cellar during his stint as a foreign correspondent in the Big Apple. He’s gone on to perform stand up shows in Australia, England and Egypt.


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