Afternoon Tea at Le Trois Rois Basel

Le Trois RoisA few weeks ago I took my mother – who was visiting from Australia – to Le Trois Rois. Ever since, people have been asking me only one question, “Was it worth the money?” My answer? Every single Franc!

We loved this “experience”. And we are high tea/afternoon connoisseurs – I’ve lost count of how many I have attended, organized and tried. However, I would have to say that the Deluxe afternoon tea at Le Trois Rois was definitely the best I have ever been too. Who knew the Swiss knew how to do afternoon tea?!

The atmosphere is posh, but I like that in an afternoon tea. I put on a dress and heels after all. The staff treated us like royalty and the surroundings – the oldest most grand hotel in Basel and a view of the Rhine – certainly add to the elegance of the occasion.

When we were seated we were offered a palette cleanser  of assorted fruit and a glass of champagne. We then chose our tea and were given a brotli with an egg filling and a small appetizer. When our tea arrived, so did the sandwiches and sweets (macarons, lemon curd tartlet and strawberry cupcake). There were only four sweets so mum and I split them in half. But once we finished, the waiter topped us up and gave us more sandwiches and more sweets! I’ve had top ups of sandwiches and scones before but never the sweets. As if that wasn’t enough we were then given dessert (a strawberry mousse) and our scones, jam and cream. To finish it off, a top up of our tea and a glass of port wine.

Le Trois Rois gave us endless, delicious, Swiss-inspired food in a beautiful setting that topped up my mother’s already awesome visit. I could not recommend this more to anyone living in or visiting Basel.

Bite-sized info




Starts at CHF 65 for the Deluxe afternoon tea, or CHF 79 for the Royal version.

Good for…

Impressing your international guests, mother-in-law or shouting a friend for a special birthday.

Not good for…

Children. Inside voice only.

What to wear

Dress up for this. It’s a real occasion and you want to look like you belong there (like my mother does in the picture).


Blumenrain 8, CH-4001 Basel

Take a tram or bus towards Schifflände



  1. Looks amazing! Sadly, Basel in general and Les Trios Rois in particular is very expensive. I hope you enjoyed your Afternoon Tea to the utmost 🙂


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