Cool down at Veranda Pellicano Basel

Veranda PellicanoI found this little lunch shack on Friday – when Basel was sweltering through another 37 degree day.

It was a welcome relief from the heat and the sun as I pulled up a deck chair under a tree and fed my daughter as we watched people bath in the Birs. I enjoyed a light lunch and afterwards, took my little girl for a quick dip in the free kids pool out back! Yes, that is not a typo…FREE kids pool. The water was freezing, but in the current heat of summer you get used to it quickly.

Pull up a chair and sit under the trees near the Birsköpfli or under an umbrella on the expansive deck for a light lunch and a cold glass of wine.

Veranda Pellicano is still pretty new so when I was there it wasn’t too crowded and we did not have to wait long for food. The staff are super friendly too and happy to be there (makes a difference!).

Bite-sized info


Swiss / International


You can grab a nice Panini for under CHF 10 or a wurst from the grill. For a larger appetite there is pasta and burgers also on the menu starting at CHF 14. Deposit for glasswear and crockery is CHF 2.

Good for…

Lunch on a hot day and lazing by the river.

Not good for…

A rainy day. Shelter is limited.

What to wear

Bring your hat and swimwear! After lunch cool off in the Birs.


Birskopfweglein 7, 4052 Basel

Take bus 36 or tram number 3.

Veranda Pellicano pool


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